High power is guaranteed by the 144 hp and 163 hp six-cylinder engines. All Crystal engines are based on the proven concept of four-stroke six-cylinder compression ignition engines, with 24 valves and the common rail injection system.

The robust engine block forms a compact element of the tractor’s load-bearing structure, which is able to withstand high loads from mounted implements. The high improvement of torque guarantees engine flexibility and a broad scope of activity in the selected gear, reducing to a minimum the need to shift gears.

The exhaust gas treatment system using SCR technology not only reduces the amount of emissions released by the tractor, but also leads to significant fuel savings compared to previous engine designs. Protect not just your and your children’s health, but also save on running costs.


The timeless design of ZETOR CRYSTAL tractors builds on the original, legendary CRYSTAL, which was manufactured from 1964 and won passionate admiration from users all over the world.

The new ZETOR CRYSTAL has been inspired by the angular outline of the original CRYSTAL and by the regular geometry of crystal forms. The captivating elegance of the most powerful tractor in the ZETOR portfolio combines a fascination with the rich heritage of the brand with modern trends in product design.


The electro-hydraulic system has the HITCHTRONIC function, a system that provides automatic control of the rear three-point hitch.

When using this system, there is no need to set up types of regulation or their required sensitivity. The control system automatically measures current soil resistance and adjusts the three-point hitch accordingly.

The HitchTronic system increases work productivity and reduces fuel consumption by about 5–7%.


Two auxiliary cylinders ensure not only uniform tractor load but also a maximum lifting force of 85 kN. A three-part accessory distributor with reverse quick-coupling for waste from the rotary hydraulic engine allows different types of implements to be used. Use of the effective EHR Hitchtronic tillage control system comes as standard.


The ZETOR CRYSTAL tractor cabin is spacious and well insulated against noise (73 dB). The view from the cabin is excellent in all directions, including upwards, which is ensured by the openable roof window. The excellent ergonomy of the control elements in the cabin enables the driver to handle the tractor intuitively without having to learn how to control the tractor for long hours.

The combination of a comfortable cabin, a sprung cabin and axle and air-conditioning, significantly reduces driver fatigue and increases the joy of working with the ZETOR CRYSTAL tractor.


The spring-mounted axle structurally consists of two separate independent sprung semi-axles.

The mechanism of the independent wheel suspension is patented and technically is very similar to multi-element automotive wheel suspension.

The spring-mounted front axle offers maximum driving comfort and a lower level of vibrations, which results in a much more comfortable ride than the central axle suspension system used in competitors' tractors.

The standard 100% differential lock improves the tractor's traction in tough conditions. It enables up to 100% transfer of traction force to both wheels.


The gearbox has been designed with an emphasis on simple operation, a logical gearshift pattern, low losses at high power transmission, and an outstanding service life based on years of testing.

The gearbox has 30 forward speeds and 30 reverse speeds. Tractor operation is aided by a three-stage torque multiplier (PowerShift), hydraulic reverser (PowerShuttle) and the clutch button on the gear lever (PowerClutch).

The pair of wet disk clutches is reliable and guarantees long life. The most commonly used working range offers 14 gears – more than offered by most competitors.


The design of the Zetor Crystal tractors's rear PTO ensures great universality, from use for light loading by a cutter bar to maximum utilisation of rotary cultivators and feeder vehicles, as it transfers full engine power.

The Zetor PTO shaft is characterised by great effectiveness together with low fuel consumption.

The tractor provides a combination of independent speeds of the rear PTO shaft 540/540E/1000­/1000E. Upon request, it is possible to equip the tractor with dependent speeds of the rear PTO shaft and also with the front PTO shaft.